Basics of a Pizza Farm


Many pizza farms have limits on the number of visitors they allow at any given time, and some even require that visitors bring their own seating (tables, chairs, and utensils or dishes they may need). They encourage visitors to bring kids, stay late, and adventure into unusual ingredients on their mouthwatering pizzas. The farmers welcome tourists with open arms and enjoy creating the opportunity to relax and enjoy a peaceful evening in the Midwest.

group of adults eating pizza at a farm

Arranging a Pizza Farm

At a more complex level, some Midwestern pizza farms use a more aesthetic and strategic design. Many grow their crops and raise their animals in a purposeful pattern, which ironically resembles a pizza cut into slices. This pattern creates more ease when caring for crops and animals, as all of the sectors are nearby and strategically arranged. The farmers are able to take advantage of this farming strategy because they only need to produce enough in order to garnish the pizza they make inside. This pizza pattern would not work for large-scale production, which is why most people have never seen this technique in action.

Pizza farmers enjoy educating, feeding, and entertaining visitors. They display fancy welcome signs, large brick pizza ovens, and sometimes the unique farming layout like previously mentioned pizza slice model. While some farms prefer to keep straight to the pizza, others enjoy wining and dining their guests. For example, Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm in Minnesota not only has “pizza fries” (cheese pizza sliced into thin strips for the kids) but a quaint stage for local live music. In Wisconsin, the A to Z Produce and Bakery is a must see “gold standard by which all other pizza farms should be measured”, according to the StarTribune. These are examples of pizza farms who are eager to invite you in for many hours, sipping wine and enjoying the music.

Don’t Wander Off Alone

Despite being a fun and relaxing experience, pizza farms are still farms. Many fences you see boarding the premises are electric. Because many suburban Americans don’t know how to properly interact with farm animals, fences are used to ensure the equipment is not used as a playground for children. Most farmers do understand that this environment may seem foreign and interesting to some, however, and would be happy to take time to show you around their home. With a guide, you can see where your tomatoes, wheat, olives, and peppers were harvested. You can see the tools used to craft your food, and meet the animals used to produce the beef, pork, and dairy.

Pizza farms are a fun place to visit and learn about something new! Which pizza farm will you and your family visit next? Let us know! If you’re a farmer looking for insurance solutions for your farm, contact Crop Insurance Solutions today!


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