Trend alert: Farm-to-table eating!!


Farm-to-table initiatives are growing in popularity across the country. This trendy phrase just means that consumers are buying food grown locally, so it goes directly from the farm to their kitchen tables. Eating farm-to-table means you’re cutting out the food processing, shipping and grocery stores. In this week’s blog, learn what the big deal is and how farm-to-table practices affect local farmers.

farm to table eating

Farm fresh

When you’re eating food straight from the farm, it’s going to taste fresh and delicious. Fruit and vegetables that are grown around the world have to be picked early to make sure they’re ripe by the time they hits grocery store shelves. Farmers who sell their produce at local markets will not have to worry about preserving the food during shipping. This means your food will be freshly picked for you to enjoy at just the right time. You’ll notice a big difference in flavors of your food once you start to eat farm-to-table fresh.

Picking your produce at just the right time is not only the best way to enjoy all its flavor, but it’s also a great way to get the most nutritional value from your food. If fruits and vegetables are harvested too early for shipping, they won’t have time to fully ripen. Part of the ripening process for fruits and vegetables includes developing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

farm to table eating

Farm-to-table veggies are greener

Purchasing your produce directly from the farmers is better for the environment. The typical food journey includes transportation from the field to a warehouse before being shipped on planes, trains or semi-trucks to grocery stores across the country. Local vendors will bring their crops to farmer’s markets and other food stands, there’s no middle step. This saves gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

Local economic growth

Buying locally grown food supports your friends and neighbors who produce the fruits, vegetables, meat, honey and other foods we eat. Each farm-to-table purchase will go back into your community and stimulate economic growth. Restaurants have noticed the farm-to-table trend and are beginning to capitalize on the benefits of locally sourced food. Not only will these restaurants benefit the community, but they’ll also be able to use their farm fresh food as a selling point for consumers.

Next time you’re planning your meals, think local. Shopping farm fresh will keep you healthy and help you give back to the community, plus it tastes great!


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