6 Key Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online


In this modern age of Internet, an advent of online marketing has brought a big revolution to the insurance world. Today, there are multiple options to buy motor insurance online. Most of the insurance companies have taken their business online.

The companies are giving a wide variety of insurance plans at reasonable rates so that it becomes advantageous for the consumers to opt for online.purchase.

People opt for comprehensive car insurance to protect their asset from any kind of loss or damage. However, when it comes to purchasing car insurance online in kenya, many people develop doubts.

Maybe it is a kind of hesitation or insecurity to accept the online media as a proper channel for this activity, or maybe we are irrevocably tuned to the conventional means that we are least interested in trying a revolutionary new idea.

So the question is what will prompt a common man to test the simplicity and convenience of buying a comprehensive car insurance online?

Here are the 6 important reasons why one should choose online channels for buying motor insurance:

Buying Online is Cheaper

Purchasing motor insurance online is an instant process that not only saves time, efforts and money but also provides you with the best services available.  Applying online for quotes is a quick process. You can choose the best insurance policy and make payment directly.

Hence, this ease of getting quotes, instant payment of bills and having more flexibility makes purchasing car insurance online a wise decision. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay any commission to agents for selling you a policy,  which is one of the best benefits of purchasing the motor insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online in Kenya

Free From Agents

Earlier, in order to know about which policy should one buy and what is the process, a consumer spends hours calling different agents. Furthermore, agents have their own agendas so they force the customers to buy expensive policies to earn good commissions. Sometimes, dealing with insurance agents becomes so frustrating that consumers drop the idea to buy insurance from such company.

In the case of an Online Purchase, you can easily compare quotes from different companies on a single website. This easy comparison helps you to find the best insurance with the lowest rate and thus, making an online purchase for motor insurance a more convenient option.  Also, it reduces the fear of being cheated by fake agents or involvement in a theft case.

Lots of Options

Whilst the offline search for car insurance policies may seem convincing enough, but you might not be able to see the whole picture. On the other hand, online shopping for car insurance can help you check reviews for different companies along with their customers’ experience on a number of sites.

This way, you will be assured of the reputation of a particular insurance company and know how well they treat their customers. You can check out all the available options (inclusive of the pros and cons, terms and conditions, qualification factors and peer reviews)  and find quality coverage for your vehicle using the Internet.

Save money

Generally, while we plan to buy any policy online, we need to search for the best insurance companies. It requires spending hours interacting with the agents for a specific policy, its benefits, charges, commission fee and much more. Thus, running a rat race to find the best car insurance plan is cumbersome than checking out the ‘one’ online.

Hence, buying the car insurance policy online in Kenya is totally worth it when compared to buying from the traditional sources.

Discounts & Offers

As nowadays, most of the car insurance companies are selling policies online, so the Internet has become a hyper-competitive marketplace for them. In order to encourage more and more consumers, the insurance companies are constantly competing to deliver policies at lower prices.  Moreover, since credit card companies have reward points system and also they offer discounts on online transactions, this can bring the price down further when you buy motor vehicle insurance online.

User-Friendly Interface

Another key advantage for choosing online insurance purchase is the user-friendly interface offered by the companies to their customers. Plus, the procedure is so simple to follow while applying for quotes. Additionally, the insurers ensure the customers for safe and secure financial transactions while making payments for their respective insurance plan.

If you want to change your policy covers, you can do it all online. Once you have your quote, it becomes easy to see what are the coverage options and see what you can afford and what is legally required. Online support is also available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can easily access all your policy documents on the websites anytime. You can print new proof of insurance cards and any other paperwork that you require. You no longer have to wait for days to get them in the mail.

Accepting online channels to purchase motor insurance might be quite hesitating as well as doubtful. But the simplicity, security, and efficiency of the online channels are considerably better than running behind the agents to find the best policy for your vehicle.

Now, when it is clear that picking up an online car insurance in kenya has many advantages and in every aspect, it makes sense to purchase a right policy for your vehicle online; it is noteworthy that buying any car insurance cover needs good research. As a thumb rule, keep it in mind that you know what you are buying and what you are getting covered for. Be an aware customer before you pay your insurance premium.


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