Time To Switch Car Insurance – 6 Signs To Look Out For


Buying an auto insurance in Kenya is a hectic task and being obscure about the importance of motor insurance, people feel hesitated to ask about this topic and thus misled by the insurers.  Every customer doesn’t know about the benefits and rights that come under a specific insurance category.

Being a customer, many times people pay an inordinate amount to the insurance companies for their services and in return, they are not happy. If you are also suffering from such unsatisfactory services and feel you didn’t get what you expected then it is a sign that you should switch your insurance company.

Here, in this blog, we have accorded the super six signs which will help you understand that you are not getting the services you deserve and you should Switch your car insurance company.


Your Rates Continue to Rise

A continual rise in auto insurance prices proves to be the biggest factor towards unhappy customers. There are some insurance companies which do not reward their customers with the additional benefits of being loyal to their company from a long time. Thus, customers pay an increased amount to renew their car insurance policy every year.  According to a survey, this trouble is faced by most of the Kenyan customers due to opacity about rights as a customer dealing with an insurance company.

So, if you too have a long term relationship with your insurance provider, still your auto insurance rates are escalating every year and you are not getting any loyalty rewards, discounts or special offers. Then this is the most significant sign to look for a different insurance company.

Nightmares in Customer Service:

Customer Support is considered to be the most reliable factor upon which the success of any company depends and most of the companies in insurance sector kenya have pretty good rankings in this service.

But still, there are many out there which make it an annoyance for the customers to get them on the phone, even if a customer needs to file a claim.  When it comes to auto insurance, this becomes really crucial to provide phone support.

The reason is in case if you ever get into a car accident, the insurance company should be aware of this incident because it is your insurance provider who will provide service, coverage, and support.  And if you have gone through such a situation where you were deprived of instant insurance assistance, then you must search a new insurance company.

Your Insurance Providers Don’t Have a Website

Advancement in technology has revolutionized the kenyan insurance sector largely. Today, top insurance companies are providing online tools to reach out their customers and assisting them with 24*7 services.

Buying car insurance online, updating car renewal policies, online bill payments and many such features not only make this process simpler and easier but also prove to be huge money and time savers.  So, in this modern era, it is really important that the insurance companies you are a buyer with must be present on the web.

And if your auto insurance provider is not available online yet, chances are they are behind the times. Thus,  If they are not running a website, it’s best to leave them in the dust.


You didn’t get What You Expect for:

Generally, people switch their insurance company because they are not happy with the services offered by their providers. This is the most common but probably the most valid reason for switching car insurance in kenya.

Not only in the insurance sector but in every field customer satisfaction is the most important factor for any business. The growth of a business depends on how satisfied its customers are. Nothing speaks louder than the testimony from a satisfied customer. And, if a customer is not satisfied then even a small business can’t work great.

Therefore, if you aren’t happy with your coverage, or the amount you’re paying for the services, it is better to walk away at the right time and check out best options available to purchase car insurance in Kenya.

Personal Reasons:

Every time a person switches an insurance company doesn’t mean that there is a lack of the services provided by the insurers or anything negative. The decision to switch one’s insurance provider also depends upon one’s personal situations. If the customer plans to shift from the city or gets a transfer in the job then they might need to switch the insurance company.

Apart from this fact, if you buy a new car, you may opt to purchase insurance from a different company in order to avail more benefits or discounts. Additionally, if you want to add a driver to your policy, you will need to buy a new car insurance or any policy renewal and in that case, you will need to buy a new car insurance. This is completely up to you whether to continue with your present insurance providers or to change your car insurance company.

If you are facing any of the insurance troubles mentioned above, then the best decision would be to change your insurance firm while buying a new insurance for any of above-mentioned personal circumstances.

Claim-Filing Is a Nightmare:

One of the biggest trouble with an insurance provider is filing a claim appears to be a nightmare. If filing any claim in your present company doesn’t result in expected outcome and services are adverse then it is a clear sign that you should think about pursuing with the company. We, humans, work really hard to earn money and this hard-earned money if goes in vain then we all get frustrated.

The only thing we expect is a good response. Another big thing to take into consideration is that people purchase insurance to get claims when a situation is encountered. So if you are facing problem in the very least expectation from your insurer then step out elsewhere.

Almost every day, you see or hear advertisements that urge you to purchase auto insurance. Although you may be wary of what is promised in ads is actually served or not, but it is true that you can save money by switching car insurance .

These are a few specific situations that can prompt you to seriously consider the job of finding a new auto insurance company. And if all these signs apply to your current insurance customer experience then its time to switch your car insurance for better and save money, start seeking for a new car insurance service provider. You may want to have a look at this list of car insurance companies in kenya to make an informed decision.


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